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Moments in time.
This month is the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing...
One of those memorable moments in history like JFK assassination or the Berlin wall coming down when we can all remember where we were and what we were doing...
Can you remember where you were..? that is of course if like me you're just about old enough..

Where were you when Apollo flew? - Cosmic Log -


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Moments in time.
I, my brother and Mum stayed up all night to watch it in black and white on the TV. Dad couldn't stay up as he was working the next morning.

We celebrated the landing and my birthday that same night. Having been born on the 21st July 1954 it was my 14th birthday during that historical event.
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Moments in time.
We were not allowed to stay up (school night eh), but it was recorded and shown on the TV (Black & White) the next morning. So there we all were - about 500 kids at St. Hugh's Primary in Stretford, Manchester, all sat cross-legged (fingers on lips) on the hall floor watching the most enormous TV on a wheeled stand, to a running commentary by the Headmistress - who felt the need to 'explain' everything!



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