Missing Side's weather
I'm sitting here at home in Merseyside, UK and the weather is sunny but the temperature is minus 4c.
Just waiting for the 1st signs of spring but as yet nothing is budging.
I just hope that the Covid-19 travel restrictions are eased this year to enable us to return to our 2nd Home-Side.
My wife and I have had our 1st jab of the covid vaccination and the second jab is earmarked for early May.

What's going on in Side and will Covid restrictions/lockdown still be in place this summer/autumn as we are hoping to return ASAP.
Missing the weather that Side has to offer holiday makers and miss the walks around side.

I trust that once this covid is brought under control we all can enjoy Side and all it offers to young and old alike.

Stay safe and hope to see you this year.

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