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Have to second that

Poles, indeed poles on top of poles apart in our views on EVERYTHING but I still reckon there would be a laugh wind up/ punch up and few good beers having a few pints with Mr Chips

I.mean an evening with everyone agreeing would be my idea of a nightmare- soon be clock watching and letting on to need to go home

But cut n thrust - " you're wrong ya barsteward now get the drinks in!"- much more a good night out

I suppose its perception on here versus real world

On here for instance I come across as reserved, agree with everyone for a quiet life etc

Whereas in real world I can honestly be an annoying wee Irish twat


Missing members
Anyone any idea of the % or number of posters who are ladieees these days?
Sometimes there's a strong whiff of jock strap about but it is good to see Mrs Saoirse posting if even by proxy

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