Military Approval - House or Person?
Does anyone know whether military permission is granted to the individual buyer, to the property, to the complex, or to the general area? My reason for asking is that when I was househunting in Turkey I was told that if a property already had a foreign owner I wouldn't need military permission to buy it.

On my flight home from Turkey last week I was talking to someone who had bought off-plan a block of apartments in a complex. He told me that military approval came in the form of a document similar to a tapu or habitation cert. That set me wondering whether the people who buy his apartments will have to apply again individually for military permission or whether it will just be a case of going to the Tapu office to sign over ownership.

Although I had to wait months for military permission I never received any document. Have any other members ever seen such a document?


Military Approval - House or Person?
It is the individual (prospective) property owners who have to seek military permission and, as far as I know, the documentation goes direct to the deeds office, not the applicant.

The permission relates solely to the applicants at a particular property and must be applied for whenever there are *any* changes in ownership - it is not transferable.


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