Meteorite lands in Didim
Full Story from Voices Newspaper


POLICE were inundated with calls from scores of people from Didim to Bodrum after they heard a big bang and a flash of light across the skies.

Despite officers being unable to explain the flashing green, yellow and red lights, Voices has solved the phenomena.

It was not a UFO but a meteorite which crash through the earth’s atmosphere and landed in Yeşilkent.

A startled Abdullah Arıtürk revealed that the rock had smashed a hole in the ground at the Green Park Complex, at Yeşilkent, narrowly missing him by ten metres.

Police reported that people from Bodrum, Milas and Didim had heard a bang and seen the flashing light across the skies at about 5.30pm on Thursday (Jan 31).

Mr Arıtürk said: “I thought this was it. I thought it was the apocalypse. I saw the bang and the flashing lights and this rock smashed into the ground quite near me. It was very frightening.”

After telling the Voices of his story, Mr Arıtürk is now awaiting scientists from Aegean University, in İzmir, to take the meteorite away for closer examination.

To see the pictures of the meteorite please click the link given below:


Meteorite lands in Didim
why is he giving it to the Ege university? is he mad? that could fetch loads of money on ebay.


Meteorite lands in Didim
I found what I believe to be a meteorite, is it worth anything? It' doing a great job as a door stopper at the moment!

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