Meteor Showers for the next few nights
Every August the earth passes through a trail of debris left by the comet called Swift-Tuttle. This meteor shoots out of the constellation called the Perseus and this is why they have been called the "Perseids".
The comet is travelling away from Earth towards Uranus right now but it has left a long trail of space dust behind it.
As the Earth crosses this dust trail the atmosphere is pelted by the tiny dust particles at speeds of 132,000 mph.
At this speed the dust combusts and this creates that amazing sight what we know a meteor or shooting stars.
The night sky has already started to light up with a few shooting stars but the peak will be on the night of 11th August.
Keen observers should start to watch the sky on Tuesday evening, August 11th, around 9 pm when Perseus first rises in the northeast.
This is the time to look for Perseid Earthgrazers--meteors that approach from the horizon and skim the atmosphere overhead like a stone skipping across the surface of a pond.
Earthgrazers are the most impressive because they are long, slow and colourful.
The moon will also be in the same north easterly position but as it is waning it shouldn't drown out the show.
To get the best view of the meteors make sure you get away from the bright atreet lights and head for somewhere where you will have a good view of the north and eastern sky.

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Meteor Showers for the next few nights
that was a really nice read..thanks.
İts fascinating to me how all the stars, planets etc have names from Greek Mythology ..most of them anyway..Perseus was of course one of the first of the Heroes of the Greek Myths..he is the one that killed Medusa..using a sheild to reflect her own image back to her and turning her to stone....
there i go again right off topic..sorry...i will be looking at the night sky tomorrow..


Meteor Showers for the next few nights
OK, will be out looking at the space dust......
what fun and very interesting
thanks for letting us know.
Meteor Showers for the next few nights
i thınk a few cans of the efes an a trıp up to the wındılls mıght be on the cards to watch thıs!!!!!!
ı am sure ı wıll see plenty of bızarre an strange thıngs up there jus hope ı see some shootın stars too!!!!


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Meteor Showers for the next few nights
Every August when the meteorite shower occurs.lt reminds me of that song in the sixties from Val donegan.Catching a fallen star and put it in your pocket and save it for a rainy day.

l have the ideal place up on my top terrace with the bed already made up under the night stars,watching while l'll drink a few wee drams.


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Meteor Showers for the next few nights
not sure we will get a good viewing this year cos of the moon , last year was awesome, we sat in the garden with a bottle of wine and some efes and were like kids going ohhhh ahhh did you see that one!! will try this year but not hoping for much. next year should be better.


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Meteor Showers for the next few nights
I think you'll find that Perry Como was the one that made "Catch A Falling Star" a hit, in 1957. He won the 1958 Grammy Award for Best Vocal Performance for it.


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Meteor Showers for the next few nights
Your right Allen,l always seem to get these two artists mixed up for some reason

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