Merry Christmas
Hi Terry, good wishes to you also and all your family. Have a fab Christmas and even better 2010.


Merry Christmas
Thank you Terry, and a very Merry Christmas to you and Sue. I still have a few presents to buy so I'm off shortly to brave the shops.

Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
Merry Christmas
Thank you Terry and family, we wish you All the Best for Chrismas and a Happy, Health New Year.



I've cliqued
Merry Christmas
The same from us, too (two)
Hope that 2010 brings health and much happiness to everybody. xxx


Merry Christmas
Just finished and done for this weekend, so it must be time to wish you all the best for Christmas and the Year ahead.

Without being downbeat, I will be giving a few moments to think of those who might have had bad luck this year and obviously those we know who didn't reach this year end.
I find that it reminds us that we aren't infallible, just human, but at least decent humans.

Absent friends/family


I Love Kleopatra Beach !
Merry Christmas
And a very Merry Christmas To you and your family Terry And hope 2010 brings good health and good fortune ....Diane

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