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Merhaba Arkadaslar,
My name's Molly and I'm posting this because I don't want to get told off by the Mods for not introducing myself. :wink:

I'm a Kangal or Anatolian Shepherd Dog. Some people also refer to us as an Anatolian Karabash, which roughly means Turkish Blackface.

I'm 2 and a half years old and have lived in Kaya Koyu, near Fethiye since I was 3 months old. My Mum, Raki, was from Inlice and my Dad, Haydut, was from Gocek. Both of them were 100% Sivas Kangals.

I live with my new Dad, KKOB, and new Mum, Ceni and my friends Benson, Sam, Lucy, Posie (a cat) and Jo ( a Lovebird ).


Merhaba Arkadaslar,
lol just coz u wanner win the Totty thread.!!!!!!!

U lickle tinker u.!!!!!

10 outter 10 for your post.

Hugs Maggie xxx


Merhaba Arkadaslar,
Welcome to the forums Molly, you are more literate than some of the humans on here especially KKOB one of the moderators.:rolleyes:


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Merhaba Arkadaslar,
Blimey a dog that can type as well as winning the title of male totty of the year.


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Merhaba Arkadaslar, she wouldn't ! :lol:


Merhaba Arkadaslar,
Welcome Molly, well done winning the Totty comp!!! You are proving exceptionally popular for a newbie!!! You are certainly very pretty, enjoy the Forum, will you be entering the other Totty comp ????


Merhaba Arkadaslar,
Well said Shirleyanntr,, I could not have put it better.

Molly, you are cok guzel x

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