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Mens trend this season,
It's not the man bag boys,,,,,,,,,,,, Sandals, or FlipFlops, (you choose), with Socks is the fashion this summer!

See our Sleepy is way up there again, he has to be the TLFs' fashionista, he mentioned this right at the start of the season.

What are your thoughts Everyone?

A good Flip, or a Flop.


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ted j

Mens trend this season,
Stetsons are the way forward , they are the new "must have " for 2014, also, I heard that speedos are the next happening thing from the good old US of A

(baggy, waterlogged , down to your calf shorts are SOOOOOO last year )
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Mens trend this season,
I stopped wearing my stetson a couple of years ago, my solar panel is getting wrinkled so for me the new trend is a leather welding skull cap.


Postless Pointer
Mens trend this season,
Socks and sandals , i blame the woman in his life.

( i wear knee length compression socks , Doctors orders ) as Carol Douglas said.



The Carnwath Massive
Mens trend this season,
Im going for the baggy shorts, unshaven, beer bellied look this season, would that make me a fashion icon ?

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Kipper restorer
Mens trend this season,
Im predicting that the Don Estelle look will be the one this year, you may remember him as Lofty in Aint Half Hot Mum, so I have my solar topee and calf length khaki shorts held up to just below the nipples by an elastic striped snake clasp belt, I am such a Babe hound these days!:w00t:

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Mens trend this season,
As Ss pointed out the man bag was soooooo last year.
This year I have taken to bringing what I can only describe as "an aul dolls "shopping trolley with me on market days to carry my purchases.
Now I know this particular accessory is essential for the less athletic amongst the in crowd but I have now expanded its use for carrying my beach gear and assorted acutraments when mincing up and down to the beach .

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