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Mehmet Gilcek of Dalyan?????
The first time I went to Turkey was in May 1989, some 20 years ago - to Dalyan. In those days there was only one boat man = Mehmet Bilgic and his address then was Merkez Mah. Sarisu Sok No. 8, Dalyan Mugla, Turkey. 3 photos attached.

Is he still in Dalyan? Does anyone know of him?

His friend Yesil Dalyan had the one and only tourist office in town at Dalyan 48840 Mugla Turkey Tel: 96116-1215 - also on attached photo - anyone know what happened to him please?

My friend and I stayed at the Kaunos Pansiyon Tel: 43 - is that still there? And breakfast was taken near the lake there.

Dalyan seems to have changed tremendously over the past 20 years and is now almost recognizable to me. I now live in Side near Antalya 50% of the year but will have to go to Dalyan again at some stage. Beautiful place.


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Mehmet Gilcek of Dalyan?????
Yesil Dalyan is one of the biggest tour operators in the area now.

But you've given Mehmet 2 different surnames! Is it Gilcek or Bilgic ?

You could try looking for him using Turk Telekom's White Pages online.


Days On The Beach in Side
Mehmet Gilcek of Dalyan?????
OOps - think Mehmet's last name was Gilcek. Is Yesil still at that tour company then? He must be about 60 by now. I'm so glad it has become one of the biggest tour companies in Dalyan. He did work very very hard all on his own in those days.


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Mehmet Gilcek of Dalyan?????
hi we always use yesil for our trips and have done for last 6 years they have lots of people working there esp a lovely guy ahmet who we are in contact with from home in uk. they have a main office in dalaman i think and work from lots of areas

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