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Hi there,

I am new to this forum, so please bear with me.

I will be retiring to Datca in Sept / Oct next year but hope to get a few visits in before then. Once I am out there I'd love to participate. I am from a spiritualist family with some members being mediums. I will contact you early next year and we can perhaps meet up before I move out.

Best wishes any many thanks for taking the initiative to establish a circle


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moonbeam, you really are rather mercurial. I bet you just sensed what was going on in this thread and tuned in at the right time

i could feel some energy pushing me towards this thread...then i went got a cup with tea leaves, then poured the tea out.... the leaves spelled out what looked like a T, L then a bit of and F.... am thinkin.. wot could that mean??? then it clicked!

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Some bloke offered me two tickets to a reincarnation lecture, I said how much? he said 500 quid a ticket!! I said 500 quid a ticket are you mad!! not a chance, he said, " go on you only live once!!!" :gathering

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Spiritual and spiritualist are two completely different things.
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Just listened to Brother Crampton on WRN 1 on worldspace Afristar, the judgement day is in 22 months time, we all face castiing out from the Lords Grace and eternal fire and damnation 5 months to the day there after. Decided meditation may now be a little bit too late for me. But thanks for thinking of us all.

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