Medicare in Milas
Hi All!
I'm moving to Tuzla in March, and I have one question to ask All.
What about medicare in Milas?
1) Are there any good hospitals there?
2) What should I do in an emergency? Shall their ambulance ever arrive?
3) Any dentists/specialists in the town you could recommend?
Or do you think Bodrum medicare services are better?
The other issue is the insurance - has anybody got Turkish health insurance? How much is that?
Up to now I have only got one offer from Gunes Sigorta - it's a family pack (two adults and a child, about USD 3000 a year) (sorry for the currency, I am not aware of the pound rate).
Anyway, every advice shall be welcome.
Thanks in advance.


Medicare in Milas
A lot of people - locals included, are going from Bodrum to Izan Hospital- the private but cheap hospital in Milas, that also gives SGK (national Social Security ) cover care- so Tusdays are busy when all the villagers come in on market day.
They have ambulance, and specialists, and Milas has a fair selection of pharmacies etc.
I do not know if they have any English / German language support as does the Universal and the Ozel private hospitals in Bodrum, which is extremely useful.
Go look and talk to each...?
National Emergency numbers - 112 for ambulance ( in Turkish) so learn your adress in Turkish?
Are you in a site- they may have support for that situation?
Bodrum has a very good selection of dentists- wellcovered in other threads here if you do a search
also search for health insurance here- lots of that too.


Medicare in Milas
Thank you very much. Turkish is not a problem, and I will surely search for health insurance posts.
My best regards,

Simon in Becin

Simon in Be├žin
Medicare in Milas
Hi Alexander
Welcome to Turkey.
Hope the move goes well.
Insurance is the most important aspect.
I have found both hospitals in Milas and the Bodrum hospital very good.
You get things like blood test results and xrays the same day.
A lot of the doctors speak English.
Gulluk has a few dentists which people have recommended as goes Milas. I know someone who had some major work done on their teeth and saved themselves a fortune over UK prices.
Good luck


Medicare in Milas
We use Anadolu Sigorta in Bodrum, Cemil the insurance broker has been great, he actually met us at the Universal in Bodrum when my son had an accident to make sure there were no problems, we pay about 1900tl per year for the 4 of us (2 adults and 2 children) this is not the full package but covers all in hospital treatment which is where the costs add up. We decided against the full package as we very rarely go to the doctor and as we have residency and our yabanci kimlik numbers we use the local doctors in the village when we need to. The difference in the full package and the hospital only was about 2000tl a year and we have never spent anywhere near this seeing the local doctor! We live near Mumcular so not too far from you and there is a saglikhoca(?) there.

Good luck with your move

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