Medical Insurance for Turkey.
Forgive me if this already has a thread but can any member point us in the right direction re medical insurance, ie recommend a company and give a rough idea of costs?
We have a quote from a UK based firm for Turkey (£280 per month for the two of us) do you think this is reasonable compared to what some of you pay or can we get it lower!
Any help appreciated.


Medical Insurance for Turkey.
I pay ( not my wife ) 1600 Euros per year for my cover. It's with a German co. Not had to use it yet but seems ok..



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Medical Insurance for Turkey.
Sorry for the possible hijack of this thread but I have been looking at long stay travel insurance through

For a stay of up to 12 months their comprehensive insurance with up to £10million cover for medical the quote I received was for £373 for the two of us.

Now the question is has anyone else looked into this as an alternative to medical insurance in Turkey.

Or indeed has anyone has any experience of this type of insurance good or bad.


Medical Insurance for Turkey.

Remember you can now get access to State medical insurance - İsteğe Bağlı Sigorta/Voluntary Insurance - for approx 215tl per month, for a couple.

Check out previous posts by Teresa, Mack and Villabaris1, who have provided good info on this subject.


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