Medical Exam - Didim Hospital

A prospective new employer in NL would like me to have a medical examination (chest x-ray, bloods and a general exam) while on holiday. We come out to our house this Saturday. I was wondering if I could pick the brilliant minds on this Forum (!) and ask if this is possible in the Hastane in Didim or is there a private clinic with English speaking doctor(s) who could complete the necessary documentation in English for me? Many thanks.

Karyn UK

Medical Exam - Didim Hospital
We arrange private health checks from Didim which include all bloods, chest xray, ecg, stool and urine testing and consultation with an english speaking doctor. The examinations take a couple of hours and the results are available to take away within four hours. We could probably get them translated into english for you as well. Transfer to the hospital is included and we would need a couple of days notice. Here is our webpage about the health tests Fly2Wellbeing - Health Screening Packages

If you need any more information you can drop me an email.


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