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Here are some words to do with meat and meat products ..which Guz asked for in the fish list..
sorry Guz i dont know what strip steak is i cant find it in Turkish!

Meat et…….butcher kasap
Ürün means product..ürünler products
So …et ürünleri .. meat products.

Koyun eti is mutton…….kuzu eti is lamb
keçi eti… goat’s meat..(usually tough)
Dana eti …is young bullock’s meat

İf you look in the dictionary dana comes up as veal…but this is not veal from very little calves as we understand it.

Turks rarely eat big pieces of meat.. .. A large piece of meat like a nice big joint of beef is called ‘tranç’’..and i havent seen the word in a dictionary..but a good butcher will know what you mean.
Biftek steak
Bonfil in some butchers this covers all good cuts ..sirloin, fillet, tenderloin,
Sığır filetosu ….. sirloin ..
Sağrı and but are rump.
Dana kemikli biftek..T bone steak
Kuşbaşı..literally means birds head..the size of the meat pieces.
This along with kıyma is the most used meat….
kıyma minced meat
you can choose a piece of meat and ask for them to mince it for you
you can have it yağlı fatty ..or yağsız..without fat
you can ask for 250 grams or even less
İki yüz elli gram kıyma verebilir misiniz…?
Say it.Ver-ebeel-eer
Can you give me 250 grammes of mince.

You can buy mixed meat..typically 80% dana and 20% kuzu in kıyma and kuşbaşı..its cheaper.

Ust kol …shoulder
döş …brisket you can see this in rolls in some shops..and also they will mince this for you.
incik…shank or shin bone ...good if you are into making your own stock.
kuyruk tail
pırzola chops
külbastı ….cutlets for grilling
çiğ raw chee (hard Ç)
karaciğer liver jee er..(soft C)
sakatat is offal or giblets
çiğ köfte raw meat köfte which is heavily spiced and kneaded for a long time with bulgur….be careful with this.
Yürek heart
Böbrek kidney
Dil ..tongue
Kokoreç..lambs intestines
İşkembe tripe
Koç yumurtası…guess this one..(hint…koç is ram..yumurta egg)
İşkembe çorbası..a favourite after a late night.
Paça trotter usually sheep..
paça çorbası another late night hangover favourite
kelle is meat from the head..also a late night/early morning favourite
beyin.. brain
sucuk ..say it sujuck…spicey garlic speciality sausage normally sliced in thin pennies for a breakfast omelette..

kümes hayvanları is the general name for poultry (kümes means coop or hut)
tavuk is a mature egg producing hen
piliç is a spring chicken or immature cockerel
Hindi turkey.....goose ördek

göğüs breast
kanat wing
but ..thigh/whole leg

if you want a chicken or bird cut into portions
ask for it …’’parça parça’’..say it parcha….in pieces

for some extra interest heres a few of the kebabs you can find around Turkey

beyti kebab..minced beef in a roll like Adana then rolled in thin pide then cut into bite size pieces and topped with yoğurt.. delicious.

adana kebab..famous for its heat and spiciness
urfa kebab is like adana without the heat but with extra garlic
it can also be served wrapped in thin bread..but not cut into pieces as Beyti
arap kebab mince cooked with grated tomatoes onions and peppers and hot and spicey and dressed with chopped parsley
tepsi kebab meat that has been pounded together with parsley and spices then pressed into a round tray topped with sliced onions ,toms and peppers and a tomato sauce..its cooked until the sauce is absorbed and eaten with thin bread..
kağıt kebab like a thin hamburger..but spicey cooked on greaseproof paper (kağıt-card) then wrapped in lovely soft lavaş …thin pide like bread.
testi kebab samll pices of meat cooked in an earthenware container
tandır kebab..large pieces of meat or chicken in a tandir oven.
ali nazık kebab..small pieces of meat served on a bed of creamed aubergine and yoğurt
çöp kebab..small bits of meat on wooden skewers.
şiş all know this one
sac kebab or kavurma is meat cooked on a griddle..a hot sheet of iron
sac ..saj…not saç satch which means hair
doner kebab meat shaved off a revolving verticle spit and eaten in a dürüm/roll
İskender kebab..doner meat served on diced pide and topped with tomato and yoğurt sauce ..Bursa has the best ones.

Domuz and yaban domuz pig and boar
domestic pig is domuz..and wild pig or boar is yaban domuz
yaban meaning wild
there is no separate word…so Turks that tell you they don't know its pig are telling porkies!

The following list i took from a Migros site where i tried to load the pictures..but they wouldn't load.. at least the list is there and i've translated some of the most common things you will see...and interestingly the prices are there too

DANA KIYMALIK KUŞBASI ...small pieces of beef suitable for mincing.
12,70 YTL

KUZU BUT (FİLETOSUZ) ... lamb rump not filleted.
11,90 ytl

DANA STRAGONOF ..... beef stroganof..

DANA GULAŞ ............beef goulash
18,35 YTL

KUZU ŞİŞLİK BUT KG ..lamb rump suitable for şiş kebab
16,59 YTL

KUZU SISLIK KUSBASI lamb ready cubed for şiş kebab
13,99 YTL

DANA KOFTELIK KIYMA) dana kıyma suitable for köfte
13,15 YTL

SOSLU MARİNE DANA ŞİŞ ...beef ready formed and marinated
19,65 YTL

DANA ORTA YAGLI KUSBASI beef medium fat suitable for casserole
13,80 YTL

KUZU GERDAN neck of lamb
7,90 YTL

KUZU FIRIN lamb joint readily prepared for the oven..
13,29 YTL

KUZU KOL (GERDANSIZ) lamb foreleg without the neck
12,59 YTL

DANA SOTE beef for saute
18,55 YTL

KUZU SOTE lamb for saute
19,05 YTL


meaty stuff...for Guz
A million thanks, Shirley. I'll be forever in your debt for this. I'm going to print out a few copies of this list to keep in our house in Turkey. I know that the Turks have great recipes for minced meat but it can get a bit monotonous and in our house it's associated with days, usually just before my father's payday, when funds were low and a small amount of meat had to go a long way.

Please tell me than Koç yumurtası isn't the ram's testicles.

I often wonder whether some restaurants would substitue goats meat for sheep meat. God knows what I have bought in the past......just hope it wasn't Koç yumurtası. I'm no cook but even I can't go wrong frying a piece of steak and at least now I'll know what to ask for. I reckon striploin is the best cut - most tender, has no bones and no stringy bits - also the most expensive, but Tbone will do nicely because I think it has a better flavour.

Incidentally, have you ever seen rack of lamb in Turkey?

Thanks again, Shirley, you're one in a million.



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meaty stuff...for Guz
And it's thanks from me too, Shirley. Invaluable information for going to the butcher - especially when we only had a very vague idea of what to ask for!!


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meaty stuff...for Guz

Download a picture of Rack of Lamb, print it, and take it to your local Turkish butcher. They'll soon get you racked up !


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thanks Shirley, I have printed a copy out and it goes into my handbag, in the past I have had to guess what piece of meat I have bought but now I shall know. :ukflag:


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Thanks Shirley, your a little gem, printed out and put in my Turkey Folder.

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They always say you're the resident angel - now we know it's true. Many thanks for the terrific list. We go to Yalikavak on Thursday - and the list goes with me.
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thanks...but ME

one of these

l :31: :angel:

hahaha rofpml..have i got it right..useless with these shortcuts

:roundgrin : wink:
more like my avatar.. :lol:

glad the post will be useful..

anything not kosher :) let me know


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KayaKoyuOldBoy said:

Download a picture of Rack of Lamb, print it, and take it to your local Turkish butcher. They'll soon get you racked up !

Now why didn't I think of that? Will do. Thanks KKOB.



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Hi Shirley

As ever great list, many thanks.

Where can I find if it is available the Fish List you mentioned?

Many thanks for all your hard work

Steve J
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hi esjay78 thanks...

kaya koyu old boy put a list of fish and translations in the turkish cooking section
meaty stuff...for Guz
no you need to be able to say it too..its more fun!
what do you need help with in pronouncing..ask and i will help you.

once you get the hang of the alphabet you can say anything..!! believe its phonetic...and theres not really many sounds in turkish that are difficult

ps..have a look at the basics of turkish which i did some months ago... of the 1st is about the sounds of turkish..the alphabet etc.
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meaty stuff...for Guz

This is fantastic. I will also be printing off and taking with me. iI am now going to find your alphabet.




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I've got to add something in praise of sucuk, there are many varieties to suit all tastes, including some that are hardly hot at all. Sucuk yurmuta, mentioned by Shirley, a sort of omelette with diced or sliced sucuk is a standard breakfast dish, but for me comes into the all-day-breakfast scheme of things. Sucuk is also a common filling in tost and a topping on pide. Grilled or on a BBQ it can be sliced lengthways (not quite all the way through) scored on top and then opened out to cook for just a few minutes. Slices can also be pan fried in their own fat.

Efes Parmak is my favourite of those available in Britain and is a fraction of the price of a chorizo! It keeps for ages but also freezes well, defrosting in the microwave in 2.5 mins.

In a few butcher's shops in tourist areas I've seen posters of Turkish meat cuts and someone told me there is a different style of butchery, which would make sense. Certainly I don't know how to ask for a Turkish-style pirzola in Britain, neither chops nor cutlets seem to come out right, I'm sure the lambs are the same basic shape, though.
meaty stuff...for Guz
yes too right..ive also used slices of sucuk with chicken toms onions etc baked in the oven..simple and tasty..
also if i just have a little bit left i grate it into the omelette...
i once had some really spicey ones as a present from Kayseri..and another time a bagful from Karaman....why i get pressies of sucuk i dont know!!


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meaty stuff...for Guz
Oh Shirley, great post as usual
Now about this Rack of lamb on the picture.... (which is my favourite dish at home), how would this be called in Turkey ?
(do you mean the rack to be cooked in once piece an be cutted in little chops afterwards ? We call them chops manchettes, oh kitchen language !)
I tried to explain that on my last visit in Turkey , not sure if anybody understood what I meant

(we do call it lamb crown in Belgium if you translate it litterally)

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