mavisehir Market
I have my son and his girlfriend here for 2 weeks. They hate the hassle at the Saturday market at Altinkum. Does anyone know when Mavisehir Market starts running every night?

Ms Who

aka Kym Ciftci
mavisehir Market
Its on now - was there 2 weeks ago and it was open but not all the stalls set up - Should be more livlier this week as its now June :)


waiting to move.....
mavisehir Market
coming over on 3rd October, is there anything left open in Mavisehir Market at this time of year, and when is the best time, or day to go??

So looking forward to coming over - had hoped it was going to be a one way ticket but unfortunately have to come back yet again..........

Anyone want to buy a house in Wales, UK?? LOL!!!


mavisehir Market
We have just returned from Didim and visited the market on Wednesday. A stall holder said that the market would close next week.

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