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I suppose some of you have seen this series about amateur cooks and two judges ?
I do love that programm, I especially love judge John Torrode, I do like the way he speaks and looks at the food

Today it was the last episode and Steven became Masterchef, very well deserved
There did great things like cooking for Blair, and for a judge of Michelin cooks and going to Paris to cook in famous restaurants as well
I'm sorry it is over, but I'm also curious to know what the winner Steven has done since then, does anyone know that ?

I also saw ingredients we hardly use over here, like the parsnips and lemongrass..... well, they are not used in the daily kitchens


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ooooooooo we hide behind the sofa with some of the comments they come out with and pee ourselves laughing "what is that plate of food doing" and the four eyed Nutrition Guru its brill we love to hate watching it.

you can look the winner up just google his name theres loads of stuff on him.
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Nadine in disguise
Thanks Lilly,
I did google Steven Wallis..... he went or is still going on a trip around the world to explore food, never thought he would do that, I thought he would be opening a restaurant

He seems to enjoy himself, he is a nice guy


i used to watch it but not seen it in ages now! yeh very good programme! nice to see people passionate about cooking! now i like 'come dine with me'... hahaha some of the stuff that gets plated up is hillarious

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