Mass times at Marys House
Hi folks, Im visiting Kusadasi in a few weeks time and I want to attend Mass at Mary's House. Does anyone know what time Mass is celebrated there during the week and on Sunday, also what is the easiest way to get there ie is there a bus/dolmus or do I need to get a taxi. Look forward to any replies. Cheers Gerry


Mass times at Marys House
I don't know anyone who's gone to Mass on a weekday, only on Sundays...and I think it's around 10am.

You can get a dolmus from Kusadasi into Selcuk then a taxi up to Mary's House.


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Mass times at Marys House
Copied and pasted from The Catholic Digest.

Popular belief claims Nightingale Mountain as the final home of the Blessed Mother. Today’s scholars recognize that the beloved disciple in the Fourth Gospel is not St. John the Apostle, son of Zebedee and brother of the Apostle James, but a different person who was close to Jesus. Since the beloved disciple, not St. John, is given the care of the Virgin Mary at Christ’s death, there is no clear evidence that Mary traveled with St. John to Turkey.

Moreover, there is a lack of evidence that St. John lived in Turkey at all. The confusion dates back at least as far as the second century, when, amid discussions concerning the authorship of the fourth Gospel, Bishop Irenaeus of Lyons appears to have confused the Apostle John with a presbyter from Asia Minor named John. Stories of St. John living in Ephesus didn’t begin circulating until this time.

Based upon a paucity of evidence, the Church has never officially pronounced the authenticity of the house on Nightingale Mountain. Nevertheless, the Vatican has granted the site the status of a “Holy Place,” and it has been visited by several popes, including Leo XIII, Paul VI, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI. The holy site continues to inspire pilgrims from around the world who visit it.

Nice story, hope Gerry and alison are not offended.


Thanks to the Catholic Digest.


Mass times at Marys House
Mass is at 7.30 a.m on weekdays and 10.30 on sundays - make sure you tell them you are going to mass when you pass the security gate otherwise they charge you.


Mass times at Marys House
I would like to go to mass at Marys house when in Kusadasi. Do the buses run ok on Sundays.

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