Marr.age and divorce in turkey
Marriage breakdowns and divorce are now very common in Turkey as is the number of unhappy marriages. (forgive me if his is a repeat of similar posts)

İ noticed a comment on a recent thread about Muslım men being able to have more than one wife. This is true but only in Shariah Law. İn secular Turkey these marriages are not officially recognised. The marriage ''Hoca Nikah' , is conducted by an İmam and a divorce from this tie needs no formality.

So a man can have one official wife..and the others are by the İmam(priest)
Previously women and children in this type of marriage had no rights to property or inheritance ..and at one time the kids had no Kimlik..this has been changed by the AK Party (in my opinion one of the few commendable things they have done) since no secular law will stop Hoca Nikah at least the women and children now have some status.

Divorce from a civil marriage is very easy , as long as both parties agree and sign the papers its over and done with as quick as that. İf however one of the parties objects to the divorce it can become complicated.

Many couples now live together but this is frowned upon especially in more conservative parts of Turkey,and can cause problems, especially when visiting and virtually impossible if wanting to stay together in a hotel.

İts interesting to note that even couples having a civil marriage still feel the need to have a religious ceremony, hence almost all couples also have Hoca Nikah.
Marr.age and divorce in turkey
When we first came to Turkey we put a few of our wedding pictures up. Then I noticed that my wife had taken a couple down. I asked why and she said it was because they were the ones with our daughter in them. (We got married in London after having a child and living together). She was slightly embarressed when our more conservative neighbours came round, which is something she would never have considered or worried about back in England.


Marr.age and divorce in turkey
Joe, isn;t it strange how a situation , which is shunned by many, (ie children outside of marrigae) can change the opinion someone may have of that person.

This is a situation where what the eyes don;t see the heart doesn't greave over.

Thats life, !

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