Marmaris Maritime and Spring Festival
Hi All,

Just to let you know the Maritime/ Spring festival starts on the 16th May, suprised but their website is out, 2 weeks early, hoorah, usually these things are never announced to the last minute, well thats my experience anyway!

Just thought i would give u some info in the event that you may go, or enter your pooch in the doggy beauty comp!

Their is a website, marmarisfestival dot com, i cannot post the link as havet posted enough!

The aim of this year’s festival is to enable the participants and visitors to experience sea activities, exhibitions, sports and entertainment which have been blended with the regional and international culture.

Maritime and Spring Festival is a combination of colourful parades, sports & cultural activities, scientific panels and meetings, exciting competitions and exhibitions mainly themed on maritime and sea.

The organization has been prepared by the Press and Public Relations Department of Marmaris Municipality. The festivity is put into implementation as a multi-party project with the participation of sponsor companies, non-governmental organizations and volunteers


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