market day in Akbuk (again)
Hi all Friday again doesn't time fly, get the veg from the market then back to the pool. Nearly all sunbeds taken this afternoon with the French and new comers on site Party arrived this morning at 5.30 and their hire car broke down on the hill had to carry 6 cases to the site
bye Nigel and Mary::bigkiss:

Eileen P

market day in Akbuk (again)
Hi Nigel & Mary,
Got back from the Hillside this morning, We were the couple with our friends who's hire car broke down on the hill and had to carry the cases up to our apartment. Got the car fixed the next day went to Altinkum came up the hill and it broke down again in the same place, how's that for bad luck. Got our Tapu yesterday everything went smoothly thanks to Mahir from Altinkum Dream Homes, back home now to the cold but had a fantastic time.

Regards Eileen & Eddie
market day in Akbuk (again)
Hi both Glad to hear you got back safely without the car braking down again. I bet you feel sorry for us staying on for another five weeks in the sun as it is getting hotter again
Gule gule
Nigel and mary


market day in Akbuk (again)
I'd like to discuss this situation but not on the open forum!
Do you know how to private message?
Sorry to teach you to suck eggs if you do but once you are logged in go to a message written by the person you want to PM (me!) you will see that the box on the left of the message shows a PM logo. Click on that and then you can send me a private message.
Remember the email that Ufuk sent us with everyone's email addresses - I may be able to use that (having deleted Ufuk) to contact others and discuss the water situation.
Hope you are still having a good time - even without water!

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