March Jokes '21.
Things you Don't Want to do in the Nude.

10. Fry Bacon.

9. Arc Weld.

8. Bathe a Cat.

7. Operate a Snow Blower .

6. Clear a patch of Poison Ivy.

5. Insulate your Attic with Fiberglass.

4. Operate a Lathe.

3. Present a Children's Television Show.

2. Take Mass with the Pope.

And the "Number 1" thing, not to do in the Nude: -


1. Pick up a Bar of Soap from the Prison Shower Room.
March Jokes '21.
Now “Lockdown” is nearly over.

I went to my local Jobcentre earlier, to see if they had anything for me..??

The Desk Girl said, “We have a few positions in Data Entry”.

“Sorry my dear”, I replied, “But I can't use a Computer”.

“You can't use a Computer..??? Seriously..?? In this Day and Age..?? Are you Mentally Handicapped or Summat..?? she kept banged on at me. 1f641.png

“NO”, I replied,


“But, it's one of my Judge’s, Bail Conditions”. 1f642.png
March Jokes '21.
I've just had to tell my Patient, that his Plastic Surgery has gone horribly wrong. 1f641.png

I will never forget the look on his Elbow.
March Jokes '21.
Please stop posting your Lockdown problems on, "The Turkish Living Forum".

And start Drinking Alcohol, like the rest of us.

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