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Maps of Akbuk
I have now produced a couple of maps of Akbuk and Akbuk North Bay showing locations of many, but not all, existing sitesi’s and new developments. I am sure this will be of interest to many readers of this Akbuk section.

You will find them on my website www.AkbukTurkey.com and click on the link for Maps. I am sure this link is within the rules of this forum as it relates to information that members will find useful and my website is neither commercial nor for profit.

Please note the copyright notice on our pages, it has taken us time and hard work to compile these maps, we will be very offended if we find reproductions of our work elsewhere.

We invite visitors to email us from our website if you think there are any incorrect locations or if you know the precise location of a site you think we should add.


Maps of Akbuk
thanks for tagging Pearl Rock on your map, now I know where to look on google maps to find us !!!

Great to see where everyone else is also, thanks a lot


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