Mandy is in charge of Britain
Correct me if Im wrong but I understood you had to be an MP to run the country or as this changed also..!!?

Mandelson flies home to run the country

Lord Mandelson is flying back from his Corfu holiday to formally manage the day-to-day business of Government while the Prime Minister continues his own break. Skip related content
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Mandelson flies home to run the country .No one minister has officially been standing in for Gordon Brown over the weekend, as deputy leader Harriet Harman's foreign vacation overlapped with the Business Secretary's.

But Downing Street insisted the PM remained "in charge" after speculation Lord Mandelson would be running the show via mobile phone from the Greek island.

His spokesman insisted it had been pre-agreed that he would be stand-in from his return on Monday until August 16, when he is expected to hand over to Chancellor Alistair Darling.

The First Secretary of State, widely seen as Mr Brown's de-facto deputy, had told workers at a Vauxhall plant that he would stay in the UK until a deal was agreed on the future of the car firm.

He took a budget airline flight to the Greek sunshine however, after it became clear it would be later this month before any breakthrough was likely.

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