Dave J

Mandalya 2010
To ALL the owners and management of Mandalya Gardens,

Here's to a prosperous and happy 2010 for all
Hopefully we can all pull together to show off our development for what it truly is an excellent family holiday location, for which we should all be proud to be a part of.

best regards,
Dave and Amanda.
Mandalya 2010
Thanks for that Dave and i to wish the same to all and hope to see you both in the
near future,

best Wishes , countryboy


New Member
Mandalya 2010
Any owners at Mandalya who would like to join a private forum are invited to apply to me at steve.yarwood@virgin.net

As we have seen before on this forum, sometimes saying things in public has unintended consequences.


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Mandalya 2010
Pearl Rock pool is late being filled due to the huge number of owners who have not yet paid fees due March 25th.

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