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Manchester Job Losses
Ryanair is closing or switching nine of its 10 routes from Manchester airport - a move that will lead to 600 local job cuts.




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Manchester Job Losses
Knowing how famous Ryanair are for using Airports that are 50 miles or more from the destination city, perhaps they will continue to market Manchester as a destination from its new base at Leeds/Bradford????

Just call me an old cynic, but in my opinion, there is a reason that it's cheaper to base flights at Leeds/Bradford - It Is A Sh*th*le!


Manchester Job Losses
This is from the Travel Trade Gazette today which is the opposite view to losing jobs at Manchester.. same jobs just shifted around assuming they fill the flights. The travel agents who commented were supportive of the Airport's decision against Ryanair.

Manchester will not 'prostitute' itself to Ryanair .
Monday, August 17, 2009
Chris Gray
Manchester airport has revealed it turned down an approach from Ryanair to run more services because it was not prepared to “prostitute” itself to the demands of the no-frills carrier.

Managing director Andrew Cornish said Ryanair was effectively asking to fly from the airport for free, and the airport could not accept terms that would “trash the market”.

He was speaking after Ryanair announced it would set up a base at Leeds/Bradford airport, where it will introduce 14 new routes and 63 weekly return flights from March 2010.

Cornish said: "Ryanair made us an offer we could refuse. We are not prepared to prostitute ourselves to have the market trashed.

“Whatever Leeds has done, it has done. We said no to Ryanair and that could have consequences for us for the winter, but if they want to withdraw services for the winter then other people will fill them.”

Cornish added that the aviation market had recently been “littered” with boom and bust routes that were unsustainable in the long term. “Routes have to be viable and make money,” he said.

He was speaking to TTG after spending a day at a travel agents to help the airport work more closely with the trade. See Friday’s TTG for his account of his day as an agent.

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Manchester Job Losses
It was on the cards last week when the announcement was made about something like 14 new routes by Ryanair out of Leeds.
The good thing that could come from it is, if there are now slots available out of Manchester courtesy of Ryanair moving on, could one of them perhaps be taken by Easyjet to Bodrum?, who already have a Manchester - Dalaman service, whereas Ryanair have so far never ventured to Turkey ?


Manchester Job Losses
Manchester biting the hand that feeds it?

they probably make more on parking and retail than they do from the airline

and as Mushroom point out it could be a blessing in disguise - get petitioning Easyjet to fly to Bodrum or Izmir

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