Manavgat massive fire yesterday
if you wondered why there was no electricity in alanya for most of yesterday it was due to a massive forest fire near Manavgat...20 hectares of forest has gone dreadful.. and of course the cables that come over the mountains from Adana
its a credit to the emergency services that they have got it under control and restored the power...there were 6 helicopters a plane and ground sprinklers ..apart from the trees the land the damage to animal life must be awful
last month there was an outbreak near Demirtaş but not as widespread as yesterdays fire.

Manavgat'ta Yanan Alan 20 Hektar? Geçti haberi - TIKLA ?ZLE
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Manavgat massive fire yesterday
Oh no, so many in so many different places. Please people be more careful in this hot, dry weather.


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Manavgat massive fire yesterday
Fire in the wind , these guys and gals , and those like them , are lifes real heroes.

Courage and determination , great respect.


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