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Management Fees
Evening All,
Just a quick enquiry before our complex AGM in a couple of weeks.
Our complex has 60 apartments, a mix of 1,2 and 3 bed apartments. We all pay the same amount for our management fee.

Does anyone know if this is common practice or is it more usual that the manangement fee is more for larger apartments/less for smaller apartments


Management Fees
Hi Judi, well I think it is irrelevant how many bedrooms you have 1-2 or 3,I assume you all share the same facilities i.e pool,communal walkways,lighting etc so should all pay the same amount.It's a bit like saying I dont go in the pool so should have a reduction on my fee's.Hope this helps maybe others would disagree. jewel x


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Management Fees

Not sure if this applies everywhere but on our complex all apartments pay the same, no matter the size. Owners of Villas pay more, again the size of the Villa doesn't matter.



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Management Fees
Judi, on my fathers complexes each home owner pays the same no matter the size.

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