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Management Cost
In the next few days we will be having a meeting to establishing a management committe for Ilica Park complex next to Spring in Ilica and elect a site manager.

There are 36 apartments/Duplexs so we have to do everything inline with Turkish Law however there are a few points that we would like some help with if possible:

We have to elect/employ a site manager - how much do we pay, is it mormally a full time job, how much ortominity does he have with the cash?

Gardeners - How much
Security - how much
Insurance - full liability as in the UK?

As you can see I am a little confussed, is it possible just to elect a manager to comply with the law and instruct him to contract the rest to a service/maintance company on an annual bases?

What is the norm?



Management Cost
Hi Mike. if you type in management fees in the search at the top right, pages if threads come up for you to read. There is a lot about this topic on here.


Days On The Beach in Side
Management Cost
Mike L - İf any of you İllica folk are here on 31st October - us locals from Side are meeting at Kelebek Restaurant on the Kemer side of Side for 15 Lire buffet dinner and silly Halloween costumes to be worn that night - you are welcome to join us and perhaps get a lot of info you guys might need for your new Committee from those of us who have Been There Done That?!

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