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Management Committee Meeting
Just received this today, posting it in case there is anyone out there who did not receive it. Its rather short notice.

Sayın Kat Maliki,

Olağan Yönetim Kurulu toplantımız 28/02/2013 tarihinde saat 10:00'da Hillside Restaurant'ta yapılacaktır. Çoğunluk sağlanamadığı takdirde 2. toplantı 15/03/2013 günü saat 10:00'da çoğunluğa bakılmaksızın Hillside Restaurant'ta yapılacaktır. Toplantıya katılmanızı rica ederiz.

* Açılış
* Yoklama
* Divan Kurulu'nun seçimi
* Hesapların okunması
* Denetçi raporunun okunması
* Yönetimin aklanması
* Denetçinin aklanması
* Dilek ve Temenniler
* Kapanış


Ufuk Hillside (Ufuk Yamaçevler) Yönetim Kurulu

Dear Hillsider,

Management committee meeting will be on 28/02/2013 at 10 o'clock at Hillside Restaurant. If a quorum not be achieved the second meeting will be on 15/03/2013 at 10 o'clock at Hillside Restaurant. Please join to the meeting.

* Opening
* Roll-call
* Selection of meeting committee
* Explanation of Accounts
* Read the auditor's report
* Clearence of the board of directors
* Clearence of the auditor
* Wishes and requests
* Closing

Best regards.
Ufuk Hillside Complex Management
Management Committee Meeting

Many thanks for that. No we didn't receive anything but then again I don't recall updating our email address with them!!

Unfortunately we won't be there for the meeting.

Are you over this year?? Perhaps if our times coincide we could meet up.

Take Care,



Management Committee Meeting
I'm not trying to convince, I ask myself questions :224xb:


1 The annual payments are to be credited to an account in the name of the complex?
2 These amounts must be used to maintain the complex, is this the case?
3 Can you see the book of accounts and expenditure documents?
4 In this book, the monthly wages of the workers assigned to the site, they appear?
5 Who manages the account book and who is the "auditor"?
6 Who controls the veracity of expenses and property based?
7 This book is signed by it "delegates" owners for approval and release to the manager?
8 Who are the "owners" appointed by the Assembly to: control and management?
9 Who are the "Administrators"?
10 (RE) ask an independent manager

Currently this is opaque and benefits the manufacturer who pocketed the money and spend it wisely certainly not, but ........
The explanation of Auditors will, like last year summary is to say: We lost money and some people do not pay. Yet all the apartments are sold! UFUK not come, no time to take care of the little people and especially do not want to be justified.


1 They had one back facades in color, but when?
2 papers lying around, okay some people are "unclean", but the workers are there to ensure the cleanliness?
3 Workers "hide" green waste and branches of shrubs behind the laurels! Go see Zeus between blocks B & C, in the bottom of Pk near the trash!
4 The site security is not optimal, you have probably already seen!
5 Security Cameras 24/24, now they show the parking office (very important) and work, and the rest?

Continue to put your questions and well, attendees will discuss at the "show" annual

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Linda, Apollon G6
Management Committee Meeting
Hi Mary

No Idea when Tom and I will be over, won't be there for the meeting. Will let you know when we have dates confirmed, very expensive flights at the moment though.

L xxx


Management Committee Meeting
They always have these meeting when they know no one is on site, why they cant have them between April and November amazes me when more people are there, or is their a reason for this?

Bill & June

Dreaming of Akbuk
Management Committee Meeting
They always have these meeting when they know no one is on site, why they cant have them between April and November amazes me when more people are there, or is their a reason for this?

They know that most owners won't be there, that is the main reason. They don't want us there.

Management Committee Meeting
Emile, although we were not 100% happy when they changed the access road to run in front of our apartment, one of the benefits has been that they no longer use the area to the side of out block as a dumping ground. Although not perfect it is much cleaner!!!

Love to you and Anne

Jon & Mia

Management Committee Meeting
The most important item for the agenda would be to get the meetings rescheduled for September when the majority of owners are there

We will never get enough people over in February to get anything home. any owners that do attend can vote by Proxy for up to 9 other owners with their permission - but this requires them to have proxy consent forms drawn up and signed.

we have tried this in the past and still ended up outvoted by Ufuk who was able to cast votes for every unsold property. Even if we got a substantial number of proxies he would claim to be voting for all of the unsold properties on phase 2

Alan is right that we need to all chip in for legal representation - we tried that before as well and I had agreement from about 45 owners to pay in to a "fighting fund" we then hit the ultimate barrier that nobody could find a trustworthy solicitor.

I have stopped reading this forum as we seem to continually go over the same ground and most of the time now the replies are from owners on other sites - almost none of the posts are from our owners.

The situation on each site is very different and just because owners on one development lost loads of money doesn't mean that every site is the same.

I appreciate they are trying to help by providing advice and wisdom but often as not the advice is just opinion rather than fact. It all gets very confusing.

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