lounge furniture
can anyone living in yalikavac tell me of a really good shop that sells comfortable lounge sofas,thanx


lounge furniture
well, try koctas for price.
try kervansaray for chique
and try tepe mobilya for the prestige
or go to a place like system mobilya where they will make it for you for a fraction of the cost.
just look around, there are tons of mom and pop manufacturers that will bend over backwards to make you stuff. in this economy, i think you could get a bargain.
oh yeah, and there are a sleugh of "new businesses" that will help you shop for your furniture.
good luck
lounge furniture

try Yataş on the Bodrum-Konacık mainroad, Kelebek offers good quality as well. They all deliver for free. Ask their pricelist and then say you'll pay cash, you'll get a good discount! All turkish buyers take the monthly payment offers (up to 12 months!). So, many good deals for cash buyers. Good luck!


lounge furniture
Try Yatas for comfortable and reasonable furniture but try the one in Tuirgetreis instead, we went to both that one and the Bodrum one and everything was cheaper in Turgetreis even though they are both Yatas. We had the boogie and it is great even 2 years later


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