Lost Friends
Hi Akbukers,

We have some friends (not forum members) who live in Akbuk-called Joe and Carol Salkeld from Newcastle. We always keep in touch, every couple of weeks, but we can't seem contact them-last had contact on Xmas Day. I've sent various texts-even tried their UK mobile, phoned (always switched off) with no reply.

We're just concerned that they're ok. I'm hoping that they've lost/broke their phone-or gone on holiday.

If anyone knows them could you please let them know we are thinking of them.


Ann & Ray
Lost Friends
Forgive me for saying this, but maybe they've had a big row?
But I do understand your concern and hope you can contact them soon.
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Lost Friends

I know them quite well and don't think they have big rows-bit like us-just don't have the energy any more!

They live somewhere near the Jandarma station, if anyone knows where that is. I haven't been to Akbuk so it's difficult to know what else is near there.

I'm sure they are fine-just thought I'd ask our helpful 'Akbukers' to put my mind at rest.



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