Looking for a nice get away for 4 till 7 days
Hello Everbody,

Looking for a nice place to stay for 3 till 7 days.

My husband and me are both very hard workers and hardly see each other because of this. Also because of the death of my husband father and the heart attack of my mother we got a lot of bad times behind us.
Next monthe we are 3 years together and I was looking for a nice get away just for us.

Does anybody have a good tip like;
- nice hotel
- maybe a villa with pool for rent for a week
- nice apartment for rent for a week
- other city outside of Alanya

If anybody has a nice idea I would we pleased to hear about it.
Thank you very much.

Greetings Maaike


Looking for a nice get away for 4 till 7 days
Hi Maaike
I think everyone is going to come on with their own favourite bolt hole. Well mine is Datca. It's a quiet place with the most stunning scenery. If you want extreme luxury and pampering try the Mehmet Ali Aga hotel. It's expensive by Turkish standards but worth it. It's an old restored mansion and so beautiful. If you don't want to splash out that much there are plenty of nice hotels in the area just google Datca hotels.
I hope you have a lovely time where ever you go.
Looking for a nice get away for 4 till 7 days
this month i am going to spend a few days with my friend Nadine in the Çirali and the Canada Hotel..which is also owned by a forum may know the area..if not its the other side of Antalya..after Kemer..near Olympos..its a quiet tranquil area.
The other side of Alanya if you go down to Anamur its very nice..and further on to Kızkalesi is wonderful
oh dear... as Jane says ...everybody will come up with their own its going to be hard to chose..wherever you chose i hope you have a great well deserved break


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Looking for a nice get away for 4 till 7 days
Have to agree with Shirley about the Canada Hotel. Gorgeous setting, too. Very tranquil.

PS Shirley, Spoke to Carrie today and she is looking forward to meeting you and Nadine this week. Sorry I can't join you, but have friends arriving from England.

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