Long term villa/duplex required - Didim/Altinkum
Hi everybody,

It's been a while :D

Me and my friend are looking for a villa or duplex house to rent with 4 bedrooms
We both have been renting here for years, but unfortunately our rents have gone so far up that sharing a house at this point is the best option for us.

Since we've been here a long time, we both have looooooooooooads of furniture, so we're looking for something unfurnished. However if your home is furnished we could provide dry and secure storage for your items.

We are both working and many that are permanent in the resort may probably know us, so if you'd like to have us checked out just drop 'The Dutchie & The Frenchie' at some places and feed back should come instantly :)

A few things that are real important for us:
- the house should be in a reasonable residential area (so if we get mugged/assaulted at night somebody will hear us scream :) but NOT in the valley near 2nd beach

- Telephone and ADSL infrastructure must be available so we can continue being work-a-holics and work until deep in the night

- If there are turkish neighbors; that they are not afraid of and/or going mental over my dog (my dog is better security than any iron grill or shutter ;-)

We can take w+e subscriptions under our own names if that is more comfortable for you; for us it doesn't matter very much as we are both active in after sales, so we'd just stick your bills monthly with the ones we pay for our clients.

If you're interested or you know somebody that would be, please send an email through the forums.


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