Local council JACKPOT!
WOW! That's guesses which option I would choose if I were in your lucky position.

My parents bought their council home several years ago when Dad retired,but have never had enough money to do it up. Then they got a letter telling them that,as pensioners,they were entitled to a grant to replace all the windows and doors. "Surely not" we all thought,but Dad enquired at the council place and was told that even if it was now no longer a council house,as pensioners,they were still entitled to help. So they applied and a chappie came up and assessed what needed doing.

Imagine my Dad's delight when,several weeks later,they got a visit from the same chappie who asked them when they could start the work? They got a brand new bathroom suite, all new windows and doors and the guttering replaced!!! Amazing. Oh and the old lavatory which had a pull chain,was deemed so out of date that they replaced that too with a posh,new one with a push button flush. My Mum was over the moon!!!



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Local council JACKPOT!
Get your friendĀ“s nephew to register as homeless and he may get the house for nothing!



Local council JACKPOT!
CT that's unbelievable! I made a mistake years ago, left school at 15, worked hard all my life, married, brought up three children and finally paid for my house at 58. I'm now trying to get the money together for a new kitchen, who's the mug :mmph:

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