Limerick for Andy
Hi Andy,

I know an old man with a car,
who doesn't seem to travel very far.
He's not had much luck,
because he seem's to be stuck.
So it's about time he got a new Avatar.
Ha ! Ha !

Sorry Andy.

Now it's your turn!



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Limerick for Andy
You cheeky Devil Alan you know i'm still only 21 don't you. (good one).

Hey Alan what are you still doing on the computer have you come to a truce with the wife, or do you sneak on there every time her back is turned like Lorraines husband Gordon.

I may well surprise you now and change my Avatar !sob! !sob!.

Just trying to think what rhymes with Alan, come on Forum members help me out here
all suggestions greatly received.



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Limerick for Andy
This is a war of the poets so lets have them posted here thats if there are any out there ot course.
I'll start off, this one took me 2hrs tonight, and as Alan (westonalan) also writes poetry this ones for him.

2 old boys without a wife (lie)
moved to the country for The Good Life
Fruit & veg they did sow
Then sat back to watch it grow.

The heat of the day shrivelled their first crop
and they argued & fought & both copped the strop
But onward and upward they did go
another crop they would sow.

Now Alan was shorter so we agreed he would water,
Andy liked his Mead so we agreed he should weed.
An abundance of flowers lined the edge
and inbetween a row of veg.

The veg we ate and that was just fine,
the fruit we picked and made into wine.
The wine we drank till it made us sick
and gave us a head that felt like a brick.

In the morning we would start again
and if there hadn't been any rain
Alan would water & Andy would weed
we'd reep the crop and have a feed,
have a drink then off to bed,
This is The Good Life all done and said.


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