Lighting the beach for Ramazan
People who fast during Ramazan dont go into the pool or sea as it would break the fast by having water enter the mouth.
Since not everybody has access to a pool the Alanya Belediye has lit up three of the public beaches to allow people who are both on holiday and fasting to swim safely after İftar.
The three public beaches are Damlataş, Garip Dere, and the beach near the Red Tower.
Garip Dere beach is near to the Town Hall buildings and is free, has changing rooms and showers.


Days On The Beach in Side
Lighting the beach for Ramazan
Shirley - you AMAZE me with all your posts and how you seem to be the 'Oracle' for Alanya + rest of Antalya region really. Thank you. Hope we can meet some day. Angela
Lighting the beach for Ramazan
Thanks Angela..... when you have lived here as long s İ have you will know as much..and in fact even though you dont live in Side all year round you still know everything about the place.
Yes it would be nice to meet up when you are here.

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