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life begins at 50??
yaaaayyyy bring on Saturday then I say, thats when I hit my half century


life begins at 50??
yaaaayyyy bring on Saturday then I say, thats when I hit my half century

you have just made me feel soooo old! you were about to be 6 years old as i got married the day before!!

44 years on the 21st May!

Happy Birthday in advance. xxxx


life begins at 50??
life is better since iv'egot into my 50' 52 now and i'm more confident,say what i feel now,instead of just going with the flow.i don't worry about silly things that used to seem like big problems,im more relaxed .i'm happier now than i was in my 40's

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life begins at 50??
I agree life is great in the 50's. I retired at 51, got a good pension, no money worries, and have never felt better. I have a little secretarial job that only takes me 2 hours a day, 4 days a week, so that keeps me motivated, and pays for my little bits n bobs, lol. It's just a great decade to be in. Life seems to be at a slower pace, and can relax when I want to. My hubby's is also semi retired, and our wee dog Monty loves us being with him, hehardly spends anytime alone in the house now, so loves us being around him. Holidays out to my beloved Turkey are aplenty, for now. Long term I don't know if I can/will settle there full time though I could quite easily do April to November there.
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life begins at 50??
Life for me began at 39 when I married my husband, it got better at 50 and 60 did not deter me and now I am approaching 70 and no way am I going to give up in fact what will I be up to when I reach 80. Tune in for an update in 10years, 2 months.
life begins at 50??
I hope life begins at 50 for my hubby, he plans to retire then. He can only get 4 weeks a year off , one week max at a time. I want to travel to Australia and America and Thailand, for several months here and there and am waiting for him to retire so he has the time to do it. We plan to prob live in Turkey and use Turkey as a base to travel. So yes life will begin at 50 for him, he works long hours running his own business and does not get time for hobbies etc. So he will be 50 and me early 40's.....Bring it on ;-)

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