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Lets make a success at Yasmin Gardens
Hi Everyone,

Finally joined the forum. We recently spent two glorious weeks at our apartment in Yasmin Gardens (June/July) and spent many hours talking with the builders, their on site managers, and of course Darlene. What a wonderful location we have, with sunsets to die for. We are indeed luckly.

I have been in the building industry as a consultant for almost 30 years, and recognising the cultural differences in Turkey, I believe the Yasmin Garden Complex to be of high quality and its builders of high integrity. There is always a level of risk buying overseas, but from what I have seen and heard we need to stop griping, support each other and in particular the builders and make this work.

I am seeing similar circumstances in the UK, where a lack of confidence combined with some scurilous tactics have destroyed good building companies. Of course, by all means protect your investment, but recognise we need to play our part in its success.

Good luck to you all and I will be out again early September.

David and Serena


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Lets make a success at Yasmin Gardens
I'd say that it's already a success - it's just not quite finished! :)

As you say, you can see similar circumstances everywhere you may choose to look - what you don't always see however, is the dedication shown by the builders and staff at Yasmin Gardens.


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Lets make a success at Yasmin Gardens
Thought this photo might be of interest.



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Lets make a success at Yasmin Gardens
Someone was looking round the show flat this morning so invited them into ours for a nag and a fag....This couple had looked around the area for the last couple of weeks and are mightly impressed with our site here at Yasmin Gardens.They particulary commented on the security system CCTV and metal doors on all the apartments. Not always high on peoples "wants". It made us think that given all the positives we have going for us here in Akbuk it was probably the best thing we did deciding to buy in Turkey and not Spain.:ukflag:

How do others feel?


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Lets make a success at Yasmin Gardens
Hi Derek,

We are in Orkide E and have recently come back from a 3 week stay (why didn't we stay longer?!). We had a great time and were really pleased with how things are progressing. We found the restaurant particularly useful; especially when we first arrived before we got to the shops.

I attended a Sales meeting and an Owners meeting and was very pleased with how they were conducted and with what was said. All 3 builders attended and chaired by Darleen. I found them to be professional, informative and reassuring and went away with no concerns. To be honest I would be hard pushed to find a problem anywhere. Anything I requested from the office (Darleen) was completed the same day and minor repairs that we had to have done were completed by our ever trusty Len.

All the pools were immaculate especially considering how busy it got in the last two weeks and I felt it was a really safe environment for our young daughter to be playing in.

We are booked to come back again in the October half term and I am looking forward to the project progressing, but it will not be something that keeps me awake at night worrying. I can only speak as I find, the builders are there everyday and I believe that they are decent, honest people who have hit a few problems in a massive construction project. What has been completed so far is wonderful and it will be great to see it finished.

I have attached a photo of the pools from the restaurant in the first few days we arrived, it got much busier...........



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Lets make a success at Yasmin Gardens
here manolya nr 9 and 10
this is to confirm that we have political relationships with turkey because of our job and the international aspects of it.
According the last meeting and what has been said in that meeting by the voice of Darlene and the builders; we con justifiy that what they are saying is the truth.
So why put all this rubish on the form and the internet; it has no meaning and no end. It's only harming your own intrest and investment.

Enjoy what you already have acheaved and be a little patient and you will be even more satisfied.

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