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Legalities of Management Plan
Hi there, I'm Paul and a new memeber. I have just picked up my TAPU for a property which I completed on in 2009. (Finding the time to collect from the developer).

I have a question with regards to the Site Management Plan that came with my TAPU, it is a different date from the Yonetemi Plani that shown on the TAPU and although issued in 2009 was in fact issued a couple of months after I became an owner (date on TAPU). At the base of the plan it says that we the undersigned agree to the plan, however, the only signature on this plan is that of a manager that has been appointed by the developer and he is actually based in Spain!

The question is this site management plan legal as by actually reading the plan as I was an owner it appeasr that I should have been invisted to a meeting to change the orginal plan?

Do these plans have to be notarised or anything and also are old copies filed at the TAPU office as I would love to know what the original plan (dated as shown on my TAPU) actually said.

It seems we are stuck with a management company that we can not oust for over 5 years and only then if we can get 80% of owners to agree.

I did vote on a budget last year via a proxy of another owner, but there were no resolutions about voting for a manager.

Any advsie from others who have had silimar issues would be appreciated.


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