Leaving Altinkum
After a lot of soul searching, we have decided to pack up and leave Altinkum. :cry: . We are going to live in Akbuk instead :D . Over the 21 months that we have been here we have become more in love with Akbuk and an oppatunity arose to rent a house that is 2 minutes from the sea front and with views to die for, and after viewing it we have made the decision to go for it. The views that will greet me each and every day will make my heart soar.

The Island and the 2 big hotels to the left.


Mountains and windfarm.


The view straight ahead.



2 minutes down the lane and we come to this.



We have by no means fallen out with Altinkum, its just that we like Akbuk more, but we will still be regular viistors to see our friends on the street and hopefully they will visit us.

I am so glad that we rented, as it has given us the freedom to make this choice and move on to the next step of our lives in Turkey. We are very excited about it all and will be moving in 2 weeks time.


Leaving Altinkum
Every good wish Sharon and Eric for an equally wonderful life in Akbuk. It certainly looks like somewhere it would be a pleasure to wake up to each morning. Good Luck.

Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
Leaving Altinkum
The views look great, and want to wish you all the very best and many happy times in your new found home there.


Leaving Altinkum
Hi Sharon and Eric. We saw you in the Green Wine Bar on New Years Eve, and wish we had come over and introduced ourselves to you. We recognised you from AA forum avatar. Friends of ours live in Akbuk, and it is a really beautiful place. Celebis is a lovely restaurant/bar, and the owner is a lovely chap. Hope you will be happy there,and if you are having a "leaving" party would love to come along.
Leaving Altinkum
Awe you should have come over to say hi, if you see us again anywhere, please dont hesitate or if you are visiting Akbuk one day, send me a message and we can meet up.
Thanks for the well wishes.


Leaving Altinkum
I can remember your stories about your pre move times and the move on the forum. I am so pleased that all has worked out for you!!Best wishes for the move!

Di x x


Leaving Altinkum
lovely photo s can;t wait to get back to akbuk for my hols.

Good choice and not far from altinkum.


Leaving Altinkum
I am a big fan of Akbuk so can see why you want to move over, good luck with the move.


Going to get Thinner
Leaving Altinkum
Good luck on your move, wishing you all the best and glad it has worked out for you both,

Leaving Altinkum
Lovely pics Sharon
I have followed your story for years since your move from the UK and all the excitement then!!
I think you and Eric are brilliant and wish you all the best with the move!!
Enjoy life!!


Leaving Altinkum
Nice to have you join the Crazy Bunch here in Akbuk!!!
Looking forward to seeing you around .

Hugs and love Maggie xxx


Leaving Altinkum
You have made a great choice, Akbuk is a very beautiful place with as you say amazing views :) health benefits also. (it works wonders for my asthma)
all the best


Fighting "The Beast"
Leaving Altinkum
I too have been following your story for some time now. I hope all goes well for you both and wish you every happiness.
Leaving Altinkum
Maggie I will get Rowena to give you and Nick a shout when we settle in and we can have a wee drink and a few nibbles. Look forward to getting to know you both. xxx


Leaving Altinkum
hi ime looking to move to Akbuk soon .we live in Gumbet have done for 4 years. have just sold our apartment . we are looking for a villa to buy must be close to the sea , and have a good sıze garden as we have 2 large dogs, we would like a resale property a private sale if you know of any one wanting to sell , hope to meet one day , thanks Abbey,,,,,,,,,,,,


Leaving Altinkum
Hi Sharon

I remember speaking to you when you still lived in the UK and I was extolling the virtues of Akbuk then.

Really glad for you that you are moving there. Enjoy!


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