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leap year romance
Here's an article from the,stating the history of the traditional time,when women can,seek out a man from where ever he's hiding and propose,his hand in marriage.

Handsome specimens around,for the taking,pick me!,pick me! :24:


The belief is that the tradition began long ago in the 5th century in Ireland. It is told that St. Bridget began complaining to St. Patrick about men waiting so long to ask for a woman's hand in marriage. St. Patrick granted women the 29th day of February, which only comes around once every four years, to propose to their men.

Scotland went as far as to make it a law. Back in 1288, a Scotland law was created that stated that women could propose on leap year. Any man who declined the proposal by a woman on February 29th would be fined a fee owed to the lady. The fine may be a kiss, a dress, or other garment. I suppose the lady had the choice of what the man owed her.

You may have also heard of February 29th as being called Sadie Hawkins Day. Sadie Hawkins was a lady in the Al Capp cartoon strip. On this day women chase around unmarried men and propose.

Greeks feel that the year is bad luck. If a Greek couple married during a leap year, they will have bad luck. Many engaged couples in Greece refrain from marrying during a leap year. Those that do marry during the leap year are taking their chances!

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