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I was wondering if members know of cheap deals going around the Bodrum area for 32in LCD screens, only i have a scooter and with my luck it will start to rain before i go back, and would save me a awful lot of riding around. I know their were deals in Migros and Metro but they have finished. If not, i can look when i come back in April, i just don't want to waste time while i'm here if the chance comes along. :help:


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There are plenty of deals, but some of the things being offered should not be considered. Recently, when buying my new TV, I was able to access the UK Which? site to check out the TVs on offer. As most TVs are global products it was easy to check out the main brands.

Some of the TVs being offered locally in Fethiye were on the Which? "Don´t Buy" list, which is as bad as it gets.

What I was struck with is that you can not assess a TV by looking at it in the shop, where most look very similar and even the worst in Which? tests looked OK. Some TVs have a "shop" setting to be used by the retailer to enhance the picture just for the showroom.

If you don´t have access to Which? there are plenty of revue sites to check-out any TV on offer.


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