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Lara Beach in early March ?

Please forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong place.

My wife and I have been to various parts of Turkey every year for the past 12 years but always in the summer. Yesterday she came in from Thomas Cook with the chance to go to the Royal Wings Hotel, Lara Beach, flying out on 3rd March. I'm not so sure about it as I don't believe the weather would be so good.

Can somebody please advise if it is warm and sunny [I know it won't be the same as summer] but even if it was at least warm enough to get on the beach and perhaps brave the sea for a swim. Or am I being too adventurous?

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Lara Beach in early March ?

we're off to Kervansary at Lara Beach at the end of February to start our visa off, but not expecting to be able to swim in the sea that time of year. Feb/March can be really nice and warm in the day, but very cold at night, that's why we've chosen an A/I hotel. Hopefully your hotel has an indoor pool so at least you'll be able to have a swim. But this year the weather in Turkey has been crazy so who knows what the weather will be like, but there's plenty to do in Antalya so you should have fun,

Lara Beach in early March ?
I would not expect to go to Antalya in March for a beach holiday. You could be lucky. February temperatures of 28 degrees C. have been recorded in Antalya.

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