Laptops and PCs UK vs Turkey
Its been asked a number of times before whether its better to bring one or buy one and mostly people are concerned about the language of the operating system.

I've just been a bought myself a new laptop today. I had decided to get a Toshiba one as they come with English or Turkish Vista and I decided I needed an English operating system so it would have to be a Toshiba.
With a minute of walking into Teknosa I'd changed by mind to an Acer as the sales lad quickly informed me that they would supply any Vista PC with an English O/S installed for me, all legal with product keys, etc not a hack like many of the smaller shops do.

So I've just spent 1,700 ytl on a nice spec ACER laptop (a much higher spec for the same money than the Toshiba I was going for) with loads of free-bees thrown in for good measure and its all in English.

I had considered getting one sent out from the UK but for the sake of maybe at most £150 I could have saved in the UK if this one breaks I just take it down the road to get fixed.

OK, its got a Turkish keyboard but we have 4 PCs (now 5) in the house, 2 UK keyboards and 2(3) Turkish and I don't have any problems switching between them and of course with a little pratice it'll be the same for anyone.

So if you're considering moving here and need to buy a new PC you may as well wait and be able to use the warrenty.


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Laptops and PCs UK vs Turkey
Good tip TW's, i have an Acer computer and so far so good.

If i buy one in Turkey, it would have to be another Acer,
but a laptop,which i'll leave there. Or if the're cheaper in
the UK i might as well bring one with me.
Which model have you bought, i'll only need it to keep in
touch with the Forum.


Laptops and PCs UK vs Turkey
I bought an Aspire 5520 series, its a nice spec, Dual Core 2.2 Ghz AMD, 4Gb RAM, 250Gb HD, 15.4" screen, 512mb dedicated graphics card, wireless, bluetooth, Vista Home Premium, usb, firewire, card reader, high-def output.

If you're only going to be using it here, why wouldn't you just bring your normal laptop with you and take it back when you return?

The biggest benefit I see for getting one here is the warrenty issue. I've known a few people, including myself, buy a new laptop in the UK just prior to moving out. Then having problems with it (mine completly died) and having to get it back to the UK to be fixed free or being faced with large bills to have it fixed here. Mine did a round trip of 6 months with friends of family's travel arrangements.

The difference in price between UK and here is now closing or even closed, even basic specs would be £200 cheaper in the UK, now they may be only £50 cheaper max. Even higher level specs can be just £100-150 cheaper in the UK, and you can save/waste that depending on the brand and shop anyway.
For example, Bimeks currently have a basic HP for $488+KDV (just under £300), in the UK its £280-£300 depending on where you shop so you see it now makes sense get it here and be able to use the warrenty.


Laptops and PCs UK vs Turkey
If you only need it to log on to keep up with the forum, why not try the Asus EEE PC? It's a sub-laptop. I got one at duty free in Manchester last month and is cost me £217. It's small and light, takes up no room and when we were in Gumbet I just hooked into the wireless network wherever I was Allowed me to keep up with my e-mails and to look at different things on the internet. Just a thought if you don't need a flashy laptop with you. And the
best for me, mine's a lovely girly pink (but there are other colours)!!



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Laptops and PCs UK vs Turkey
Migros are advertising an Acer for 699YTL has the intel celeron processor, 80gb hard disk and 1gb of ram. Ok for basic stuff.

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