Laptop for Sale
Laptop for sale 550ytl Dell İnspiron 6000. Clean. 3 years old. This is in Dalaman. If interested please PM me


Laptop for Sale
Don’t want to disappoint you bubskar but it seems a bit expensive for a laptop 3years old sorry.

Hope you have a quick sale


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Laptop for Sale
You could nearly buy a new one for that . I.m selling mine when i come back 13 months old HP compaq 4ooytl . I think if your friend asks a more reasonable price she will sell it . But i suppose it depends on make and model . Some are now over £1.300
Good Luck with the sale Diane
Laptop for Sale
you should see the price second hand lap tops reach on ebay , bloody suprised me
Exactly. I sold a 4-year-old basic Dell Inspiron 1300 which "experts" told me I'd be luck to get 50 quid for, for £156 plus postage. I described it fully accurately with 2 keys not working, battery not holding a full charge, no built in webcam and they were fighting for it!!!. Like I always say, anythings worth whatever somebody gives for it!

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