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A few questions here just to satisfy my curiosity.

Which languages do you most like to hear, and which foreign tongues do you like to hear speaking English?

Also, how do you think English sounds to the foreigner (I know, that might not be easy to answer).

I quite like to hear Italian spoken, and English spoken with a Nordic/Scandanavian accent is easy on the ear.

Over the years, english speaking foreigners have frequently remarked to me that they preferred the British English accent to other English speakers ie American/Aus/Can.

It's interesting though.



I worked for a Dutch company for 25 years and have been the The Netherlands many, many times for meetings and courses and I like the Dutch accent speaking English. They amaze me with the number of languages they can speak at a technical level, not easy.
I wonder if English speaking foreigners can hear the huge difference between regions such as gordies etc. or even the difference between English, Irish, Scottish or Welsh.

I suppose every language has different regional accents, but I was just thinking of my Aunty Sarah from Aberdeen in Scotland when we visited her it use to take us 3 days to get used to her accent and then only if she spoke slowly. lol


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