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Lakeview Golf Apartments
Hi everyone,
I bought an off plan apartment on the above development in May 2007 through IPI Limited in Stockport. They went bust and passed my 50%. deposit to the builders/developers Trinity Group, and Sevenhill properties. Trinity Group have told me they are in severe financial difficulties and have sold the development to Hot Properties Turkey to fund other projects that have gone belly-up, ie. Eden Bay and Trinity 5 star hotel.
Trinity Group tell me they are on the verge of bankruptcy and it's a waste of time trying legal action as they haven't any money to pay me my money back, (£25,000) even if I won!!
Has anyone else had dealings with the above companies?
I would be very grateful if anyone knows anything at all about these companies or if they have had any experiences with them.
Thanks Bob M.


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Lakeview Golf Apartments
Hiya Bob, welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear of your experience.

Lakeview Golf Apartments
Hi Bob
We bought from Sevenhills properties in 2005 with no problems but havent had much contact this past year or so.
They had an office in Fethiye last year but I think their main development was in the Bodrum area via a new office.
As I say it all went well for us but we bought just from the Fethiye office some years ago and had no problems.
The lady who helped us left some time ago but I recall the Trinity Group name in connection with the Bodrum projects and Lakeview was mentioned.
Sorry cant help further but all the best anyway
Just PM me if you ever need to discuss anything
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Lakeview Golf Apartments
Hi Bob, I am sorry to hear your story. It is something I dread happening. I do hope you manage to sort things out.
Please let us know how you get on.


Lakeview Golf Apartments
Hi Bob sorry to hear about your problems, I can't help you but hope it gets sorted out.


Lakeview Golf Apartments
Hi Bob, I've had a terrible experience with them.........if you send me your email i will reply to that. Don't want to say too much on the forum. K'la.


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Lakeview Golf Apartments
hi Bob welcome to the forum, sounds like bad news, dont take their (trinity)advice about being on the verge of bankruptcy, speak to a lawyer and take his advice. or visit the cab.



Lakeview Golf Apartments
Hi Bob and welcome. Whatever 'they' told me wouldn't stop me from trying to take legal action. We are told too many stories like this to put us off!! Good luck.

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Lakeview Golf Apartments
Thank you all for your kind messages. I found out that Hot Properties Turkey have bought the land from Trinity. I have now started legal action against Trinity, but may have a claim against HPT. Keep you posted!!

bob m

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Lakeview Golf Apartments
You're bang on the nail there!! They are building properties with money stolen from ex-Lakeview investors.
Lakeview Golf Apartments
Hi Bob m.
As you can see from this thread we purchased 4 years ago from Seven Hills prior to the Trinity group being formed for the Bodrum developments.
We remember seeing brochures for Lakeview Golf apartments being shown to us about 2 years ago in the Fethiye office.
We have have no contact since and the personnel we dealt with left some time ago so we cannot help further but as our agents were involved in your problems we would appreciate you keeping in touch.
Funnily enough this year recently in September we were asked to start maintenance to our builder on our complex as they had assumed it was only 3 yrs maintenance free yet we bought from Seven Hills on the understanding of a 5 yr contract and had to produce an email from Seven Hills to convince the builder of this.
This situation came as a result of a water leak in our bathroom which at first they refused to fix unless the supposed back maintenance had been paid!!
After much discussion it was fixed and our builder is honouring free maintenance until October 2010 but we had a fight.

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