Ladies who Lunch in Akbuk!
Today was the get together of 20 ladies who wanted to meet up with others living in Akbuk - what a success - lots of phone numbers were exchanged and meet ups arranged and in addition the meal at Aqvariyum was excellent with a display of Turkish dancing on the opening of a potted kebab! How good is TLF for getting people together.

A good time was had by all and the staff at Aqvariyum made us very welcome.

If any ladies are in Akbuk at the beginning of June and would like to meet up for a lunch at Aqvariyum and get to know others, please contact me through the Forum.


Ladies who Lunch in Akbuk!
Hi Everyone,

Yes the lunch was a great get together, my small party were all a bit tired as we had arrived earlier that day, but it was good to meet some of the people you talk to on here. The restaurant was good and was an excellent intro to my daughter and friends who had not stayed in Akbuk before. Look forward to my next visit and hope cyd can keep thisgoing throughout the year so some others can join in.

take care


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