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KRG future?
Part of what somebody clever wrote for Boris to read out loud, what I am wondering is, Barzini seems a smart cookie, is his standing down for to set him aside as a negotiating channel for the future with a more militant "newbie" taking over as a front for upcoming scrapping?
The timing of the independence referendum coinciding with his stepping down seems too sweet for me. Any thoughts?

Yesterday, Masoud Barzani also retired from the office of the President of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. We welcome the opportunity this presents for leadership of the Kurdistan Region to pass to a new generation of Kurds. They must build strong democratic institutions and resolve the historic differences between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Government of Iraq consistent with the Iraqi Constitution. They will have the UK’s full support.

The Government of Iraq and Kurdistan Regional Government have been staunch allies of the UK in recent years as we have jointly fought the scourge of Daesh in the region. I want to pay tribute to former President Barzani’s leadership in that fight, to his years of service to the Iraqi Kurdish people and to the role he played in the formation of modern Iraq.

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